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Unflavored Protein Powder

Our powders are for active people who want to fuel their bodies with a cleaner*, more effective protein. We start by sourcing fresh milk from a trusted network of family farms that are committed to humane practices and never use growth hormones like rBGH or rBST**. Then we use our proprietary cold-filtration process to keep the protein intact and free from heat or chemicals. The result is a protein so pure that one 19g scoop has 17g of protein – that’s more protein dense than any other whey protein on the market. And we do it all without any fillers, artificial ingredients, additives, gums, dyes, colorants, artificial sweeteners, and whatever other nasty stuff most popular brands sneak into their powders. Because the less you do to protein, the more it does for you.


Key Benefits

Kickstarts muscle recovery within 30 minutes thanks to our native whey protein that can help muscles repair and grow. It’s also clinically-proven to reduce muscle fatigue with just one serving. We’re able to create this clean* and powerful protein by using fresh milk and our proprietary cold-filtration process. 

Provides complete-protein benefits, like all 9 essential amino acids and higher leucine content – the key amino acid for muscle-protein synthesis (aka what helps your muscles repair and grow). And did we mention that just one 19g serving has 17g of protein? We’ll do the math for you – that’s 90% protein density, and it’s completely unmatched by any other protein powder. What does that mean for you? One scoop of our RECOVER powder can help muscles repair and grow with a smaller serving and fewer calories. Standard whey protein powders require a larger serving because of heavy processing, fillers, and cutting corners, and who wants more of that?

Easily incorporates into your day thanks to the versatility of our flavorless protein powder. We made our native whey protein flavorless and it quickly became a pantry staple, seamlessly blending with beverages, baked goods, and beyond. Check out our featured recipes to fuel your inspiration.


Native whey protein isolate: Our cold-filtered, native whey protein that’s never treated with heat or chemicals.

Lactase: The important enzyme we add to make our products lactose free – it sounds counterintuitive, but this ingredient actually helps people digest dairy without issue.

Sunflower lecithin: Added to help you blend our powder with liquid more easily, this beneficial lecithin also reduces bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and is extracted via cold-filtration without the use of chemicals (whereas soy lecithin requires chemical extraction).

How To Use

Blend one scoop of our native whey protein with your favorite beverages, baked goods, salad dressings, and other recipes. We think our flavorless native whey protein powder plays well with just about everything and can be used before a workout, after a workout, and any time of day to help you meet your protein needs.

Product Details

Each 2lb bag contains 47 servings.

Simple Ingredients. Nothing Extra.

We only include the most essential ingredients in our protein powders, which are created from fresh milk sourced from USA-based family farmers. And we never use fillers, artificial flavors, additives, rBST**, chemicals, added colors, or bleaching to change the color of our powder. We get that it’s different, and that’s because it’s cleaner*. Thanks to our cold-filtration process – which keeps the protein intact and free from chemicals – we never have to add flavoring agents to cover up a funky taste. Because the less you do to protein, the more it does for you.

Fast Absorbing.

Thanks to our commitment to using fresh milk and a proprietary cold-filtration process, we’re able to create a more bioavailable native whey protein. Our protein's effectiveness in enhancing endurance performance was demonstrated in a study involving young, moderately-active men engaged in plyometrics training. The research showed that a single serving of native whey kickstarts muscle recovery within 30 minutes, outperforming standard whey. Our unique processing method is also the reason why our unflavored native whey protein has a seriously-superior amino acid profile, and why each serving boasts 90% protein density. Compare that with standard whey at 79% and plant-based protein at 68%, and it’s easy to see why native whey is the way to go.

Backed by Science.

Thanks to 15 years of clinical trials and an earnest commitment to quality, our native whey protein is scientifically-proven to work, and we have the receipts. No marketing lingo or misleading claims. Just a whole lot of data that speaks for itself.

For instance, one study involving ten young, healthy men compared five different dairy protein supplements (native whey, whey protein concentrate 80, hydrolysed whey, microparticulated whey, and milk proteins) after strength training. The findings revealed that native whey triggered faster and higher levels of the amino acid leucine compared to the others. This suggests that native whey could be more effective at aiding muscle recovery and growth post workout.

Third-party Tested.

Clean* means never having to compromise, and you’ll never have to question the quality of our products. Every batch is third-party tested for banned substances and contaminates – that’s what the Informed Sport label on all of our products means. When you choose UP2U, you can feel confident that you’re putting a cleaner* fuel in your body.

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