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Blood Orange Recover Drink

We found a way to combine the power of a protein shake with the water-based lightness of an electrolyte drink. The result? A perfect blend of native whey protein, naturally-occurring electrolytes, and essential carbs to fuel your day – whether you’re recovering from an intense workout, or need on-the-go sustenance to help tackle a long list of errands. This refreshing, lactose-free drink is for active people who want a cleaner*, easier way to get functional nutrients from one convenient bottle

Key Benefits

Delivers functional nutrients via our formulated blend of native whey protein (17g), naturally-occurring electrolytes (955 mg), and essential carbs (10g). It’s powerful enough to support you after an intense workout, and balanced enough to help you maintain your energy throughout a busy day.

Provides exceptional hydration thanks to naturally-occurring electrolytes that are served up in a clear, water-based formula. Our drinks come in fruity flavors that are naturally sweetened with just 2g of monk fruit. So long, chalky protein shakes. Hello, refreshing hydration with a powerful punch of protein.


Water: To create a refreshing, hydrating base.

Milk permeate: Our naturally-occurring electrolytes and carbs are sourced from this mineral-rich ingredient found in milk.

Native whey protein isolate: Our cold-filtered, native whey protein that comes from farm-fresh milk and is never treated with heat or chemicals.

Monk fruit concentrate: Just two sweet grams of natural sweetener to appease the taste buds.

Natural flavors: Derived from plants and included to give our drinks a refreshing, fruity taste.

Less than 1% of our formula contains a lactase enzyme: The important enzyme we add to make our products lactose-free – it sounds counterintuitive, but this ingredient actually helps people digest dairy without issue.

Less than 1% of our formula contains phosphoric acid: A gentle preservative used by most leading brands that allows us to create shelf-stable drinks so you can use them at your own pace.

How To Use

Our drinks are shelf stable so you can drink them any time, any place, but we prefer to enjoy them cold, either straight from the refrigerator, or poured over ice. For your best workout recovery yet, drink 30-minutes to 1 hour after exercise. Simply throw a bottle in your bag so you’re never without the nutrients you need to fuel your day.

Product Details

Each individual bottle is 16oz and comes in a 12-pack case.

Simple ingredients. Nothing extra.

You know the phrase “less is more”? That’s exactly what you get with us. Our RECOVER drinks have 7 ingredients, plain and simple. From complete protein to naturally-occurring electrolytes, we pack all of the functional nutrients you need to fuel your body and none of the nasty stuff like artificial ingredients, fillers, dyes, gums, or chemicals. And we don’t add any nasties to alter the color of our drinks, make them thick, or pink, or ick.

Balanced Nutrition.

This might shock you, but we’re the first company to combine the power of a protein shake with the water-based lightness of an electrolyte drink. And we did it by creating a specially-formulated blend of native whey protein (17g), naturally-occurring electrolytes (955 mg), and essential carbs (10g). AKA all of the functional nutrients you need to support an active lifestyle, conveniently combined into one bottle.

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Fast Absorbing.

Thanks to our commitment to using fresh milk and a proprietary cold-filtration process, we’re able to create a more bioavailable native whey protein. Our protein's effectiveness in enhancing endurance performance was demonstrated in a study involving young, moderately-active men engaged in plyometrics training. The research showed that a single serving of native whey kickstarts muscle recovery within 30 minutes, outperforming standard whey. Our unique processing method is also the reason why our unflavored native whey protein has a seriously-superior amino acid profile, and why each serving boasts 90% protein density. Compare that with standard whey at 79% and plant-based protein at 68%, and it’s easy to see why native whey is the way to go.


Thanks to 15 years of clinical trials and an earnest commitment to quality, our native whey protein is scientifically-proven to work, and we have the receipts. No marketing lingo or misleading claims. Just a whole lot of data that speaks for itself.

For instance, one study involving ten young, healthy men compared five different dairy protein supplements (native whey, whey protein concentrate 80, hydrolysed whey, microparticulated whey, and milk proteins) after strength training. The findings revealed that native whey triggered faster and higher levels of the amino acid leucine compared to the others. This suggests that native whey could be more effective at aiding muscle recovery and growth post workout.

Third-party Tested.

Clean* means never having to compromise, and you’ll never have to question the quality of our products. Every batch is third-party tested for banned substances and contaminates – that’s what the Informed Sport label on all of our products means. When you choose UP2U, you can feel confident that you’re putting a cleaner* fuel in your body.

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