Protein for people who don’t mess with BS

What does that mean?


Simple ingredients

You know the phrase “less is more”? That’s exactly what you get with us. Our short-as-heck ingredient lists only have the most essential and functional nutrients your body needs to hit your performance goals – from marathon training to errand running, and everything in between. We keep it simple because simple means clean*, and that’s better for your body.

Complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids, unlike most plant-based and collagen-based proteins
Higher amounts of leucine – the key amino acid for muscle protein synthesis – which helps muscles repair and grow
Each nutrient on our labels serves a specific purpose – nothing more, nothing less

No nasties. ever.

We never compromise on quality, which is why you’ll never find nasty additives like fillers, dyes, artificial ingredients, or gums in our products. Because that’s what it means to settle, and we’re not that kind of company. (We double-dare you to check the label on your favorite protein powder or shake – we bet it’ll disappoint you). Here’s what no-nasties means:

A trusted network of passionate family farmers based in the USA who supply us with farm-fresh milk and never use growth hormones on their cows
Our cold-filtered native whey protein comes from fresh milk and isn’t treated with heat or chemicals (unlike standard whey)
No fillers, dyes, artificial ingredients, gums, or chemical processing. Zero, zippo, zilch.

Backed by science.

Thanks to 15 years of clinical trials and an earnest commitment to quality, our native whey protein is scientifically-proven to work, and we have the receipts. No marketing lingo or misleading claims. Just a whole lot of data that speaks for itself.

Studies show that our fast-absorbing native whey protein is proven to kickstart muscle recovery within 30 minutes
A significantly better reduction in muscle fatigue than other casein protein powders and drinks (we won’t name names, but you can probably guess who we’re talking about)
Just one serving can help muscles repair and grow – standard whey protein powders require a larger serving, and sometimes even 2x the scoops to do the same

Third-party Tested.

You know the supplement industry is really unregulated, right? Brands can claim a lot of untrue things about their protein products without having to back it up. We’re not cool with that, which is why every batch of UP2U products is third-party tested for banned substances and contaminates. When we say clean*, we mean it. So you can feel confident that you’re putting cleaner* fuel in your body.

Our Informed-Sport Certification verifies that the ingredients listed on our labels are the only ingredients in our products – nothing sneaky hidden behind “proprietary blends”
Our products are safer for elite athletes whose reputations and careers rely on transparency and quality

Our pursuit of better protein begins with you.

Our Story

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